Apartment Life

Community is good for both people and business. Unfortunately, many apartment residents feel completely disconnected from their neighbors. So what is Apartment Life? Apartment Life helps apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in relationships. An Apartment Life team can be a married couple, family, or two single adults living within our community. The Apartment Life Team is completely focused on helping residents feel connected within the community and lead resident events and gatherings. We strategically place each Apartment Life team into an apartment community to live onsite and partner with our management teams to build a sense of community and serve residents by doing things that set our community apart from the rest. This includes welcoming new residents, planning amazing monthly social events, and caring for residents and property staff in times of need. Our hope is that this, in turn, helps improve the community's financial performance through online reputation, resident satisfaction, and resident retention. Changing business. Changing lives.

Meet Your Apartment Life Team:

Meet Jacob and Contessa Fowler!